Digital Door Lock LH2100

(Password & Card)

1- Authentication Mode with password

User selectable PIN number from 3 to 19 digits.

2-Random Security Code Feature

Resident security is heightened by preventing password exposure with the random security code feature. By pressing randomly selected numbers prior to entering the password, guessing passwords by fingerprint marks is prevented, therefore doubling security.

قفل دیجیتال اورنت

3- Authentication Mode with Card

You can register key tags/RF/Smart/... cards up to 50 cards (Contains 2card).

قفل دیجیتال سامسونگ

4- Able to install remote controller & Mechanical key

قفل دیجیتال اثر انگشتی

5-Prevention of burglary and mischief

It stops functioning for 1 minute when 5 consecutive password errors

6- Built-in electric shock prevention circuits of high voltage

7- Fire Detection Sensor

When the indoor temperature exceeds a certain limit, an alarm sounds and the door automatically opens.

قفل الکترونیکی

8- Power supply

- 4 x AA batteries
- The life span of the battery is 1 year (with the usage of 10 times per day).

9-Emergency Access

Jump-starts the lock with a 9V battery for instant power.

Made in Korea KS&KPS

One Year Warranty, Three-year Garranty and 10 years After-sales service



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