Digital Door Lock SHS-G510

(Glass Type)


1- User-friendly access

Smart door lock accommodates each person’s individual lifestyle with the variety of access methods. You can register key tags/RF cards up to 50 and set your password in 4~12 digit combination.

2- Double Authentication with Password and RF Card

Double authentication mode strengthens security. Password plus RF card/key tag must be authenticated to open the door.

3- Random Security Code Feature

Password will be pressed after pressing two random numbers, preventing intruders from checking the fingerprint marks left.

4- Anti-theft Mode

Simply pressing the security button before going out enhances the security during an emergency. In this anti-theft mode, any attempt to forced entry attempts or any repeated authentication failures will trigger an alarm sound.

5- Fire Detection Sensor

When the indoor temperature exceeds a certain limit, an alarm sounds and the door automatically opens (Fire detection sensor works in about 65°C, it depends on the installation environment).

6- Interface with Samsung Smart Home

The lock has an interface with Samsung video door phone or home automation to unlock the door.


Made in Korea (KS&KPS)

One Year Warranty, Three-year Garranty and 10 years After-sales service

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